Corporate & Commercial Law
Our practice covers all aspects of corporate law.  In addition to
incorporations, the purchase and sale of business assets, partnership
agreements, joint ventures, franchises, lease agreements and other
matters relating to the establishment of restructuring of companies, we can
be of assistance throughout the business planning and corporate
management process.   

Under the
Business Corporations Act, all Records Addresses must be
accessible to the public during business hours, all corporations must
prepare and keep a number of specified records relating to the ongoing
operations of their businesses, and all corporations must hold annual
meetings of shareholders.  

To those clients who request that Chiu & Company acts as their Registered
and Records address, we offer services which include the following:
maintenance of minute books; the filing of notices with Corporate Registry
as required by relevant legislation and regulations; the review, completion
and filing of annual returns with Corporate Registry; preparation of minutes
and/or resolutions of annual meetings of shareholders and directors; and
the acceptance of service of any documents on behalf of the corporation.

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